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Houses for rent - Lodging near Ramstein Air Base

Whether you’re arriving in or departing from Germany, our temporary lodgings are the perfect place to stay while you are looking for permanent housing.

In this short animated video we introduce you to TLA Office and the benefits we offer.

From entertainment with a PS5 console to a family barbecue with an original Weber Grill, let our temporary lodgings be part of a new chapter in your life. With TLA Office you live like a local and feel like you’re at home!

Temporary lodging allowance

Booking your TLA housing has never been easier. In case you don’t know where to start, we are here to guide you through the entire process of the temporary lodging allowance.

Wifi, smart TV & more

Want to watch your favorite show or enjoy some action with the brand-new PlayStation 5? Turn on the 75-inch Smart TV and lean back on the couch. Or get some work done with the laptop sitting on the coffee table. It’s totally up to you.

Car on demand

Talk to us and we’ll make sure to have a car parked in your driveway waiting for you to take it for a ride. It’s showing kilometers instead of miles, but for the road it’s the same difference. Just drive safely.

Ramstein housing - Temporary lodging for military personnel

Our agency TLA Office specializes in offering temporary Ramstein housing, a collection of premium rentals each conveniently located with easy access to the base.

Ramstein housing

Open a new chapter in your life and get to know the Ramstein Air Base. You will be part of one of the largest American communities outside the US.

  • Near Ramstein AFB. Find your short term rental in the vicinity of the Ramstein Air Base and become part of the Kaiserslautern Military Community, the largest gathering of Army and Air Force personnel in Germany.
  • Temporary Lodging Allowance. When PCSing, military personnel is granted an allowance to stay in a temporary lodging. Need help with your lodging allowance? Just talk to us.

Kaiserslautern housing

Colloquially known as K-Town, Kaiserslautern is at the center of the Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC) and offers great housing options within and around the city.

Whether you call it allowance tla or temporary lodging allowance, the process functions the same and you’ll get a housing allowance for your stay in Kaiserslautern.

Kaiserslautern functions as an important hub for the KMC. DoD personnel and their dependents live, work, and send their kids to school in various districts around K-Town.

Our agency offers premium housing in the KMC area. Browse our listings - your stay is only a few clicks away.

Arnold Graf, landlord of TLA Office

Landstuhl housing

If you prefer a place close to the LRMC, Landstuhl is the place to go! Our housing service spans the entire KMC and is available to all military personnel.

With a temporary lodging allowance (tla), our temporary lodgings are available to you for as long as you need them. And if you need help with your tla allowance, just talk to us.

Look inside and find your new home for rent! It’s just a click away. And here’s a fun fact: the LRMC in Germany is the only American military hospital in Europe.

Things nearby

  • Ramstein AFB
  • KMCC Lodging
  • DIY superstore
  • dog park
  • observation deck
  • castle ruins

Loved our stay! I am already missing the amazing espresso machine in the kitchen.

Arnold and Susi thought of everything in terms of comfort, function and luxury - always esponded to questions and requests in a timely manner plus made us feel right at home.

Staying here made our early transition into Germany so much better!

Kaiserslautern 50

Amenities - Ramstein and KMC TLAs

From a highspeed connection to a coffee on the couch - every single one of our rentals comes fully furnished, offers free highspeed internet, is pet-friendly, and so much more!

  • Free calls to over 60 countries. Select rentals offer free international calls. This includes the US. Just dial the country code and you’re good to go.
  • Original Weber grill. Barbecue anyone? With the Weber Charcoal Grill your steak is virtually guaranteed to be delicious.
  • Air conditioner. Too hot in here? No worries, simply turn on the air conditioner and enjoy the cool atmosphere.
  • Netflix, Prime & satellite TV. Whether you’re in the mood to stream your flick or watch conventional satellite programs, the remote is at your fingertips.
  • Fully equipped kitchen. Coffee machine, large fridge, crispy toaster, a microwave, dish washer, and so many more goodies waiting for you in the kitchen.
  • Laundry room. Everyone needs a change of clothes every now and then - that’s why every one of our rentals is equipped with a washing machine and a dryer.
Arnold Graf

Your stay is our priority.
From your first email to the last day of your visit,
we are at your service.

Arnold Graf

CEO at TLA Office

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